BPM H.I.I.T. Cardio:

“Infinite Burpees”

We’re sorry in advance. No one likes burpees. If you recall squat thrusts from gym class, you already know what a burpee is. If not, you can find many instructional videos which will show you the correct form (such as the one listed below).

Doesn’t that look like tons of fun?! 10 burpees, followed by 30-60 seconds of rest, and then repeat. Stop when you think you may throw up. I wish there was a way to make this easier for you, but unfortunately, burpees never get easier – no matter how long you’ve been doing them. As far as increasing the difficulty – trust me, you won’t want to make this routine any harder than it already is.

Beginner Option

BPM LISS Cardio (30-40 minutes):
Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer, StairMaster or Recumbent Stationary Bike

*Cardio tip: choose your favorite cardio machine (I like to alternate), and then perform at a pace that is difficult enough to where you are breaking a light sweat (60-70% of your max heart rate), but to where you could still keep a conversation going with someone if you had to.

Workout Music

Marshmello - Joytime II

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