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Latest EDM News Highlights – March 29, 2019

EDC Orlando Expands to Three Days in 2019
This marks the first significant expansion of the Florida festival

Insomniac Events has announced that the east coast version of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) will be expanding to three days beginning this year. The news was delivered through social media and billboards across Miami, to coincide with Miami Music Week.

Since its inauguration in 2011, EDC Orlando has been a two-day event, calling Downtown Orlando’s Tinker Field its home from the beginning. Insomniac CEO and Founder, Pasquale Rotella, took to social media to reveal the 2019 event would include “…MORE stages, MORE artists, LARGER production, and a BIGGER festival footprint!”

Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2019 will take place November 8 – 10 at Tinker Field. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Eric Prydz Suffers Medical Emergency, Cancels All Miami Music Week Appearances
The announcement was made via Twitter

Eric Prydz, arguably one of the most popular DJs in the techno scene, has been forced to cancel all of his appearances at Miami Music Week due to a medical emergency.

Taking to social media to express his laments, the DJ and producer stated he would be unable to travel or perform in Miami due to an acute medical condition.

Prydz was scheduled to perform numerous times throughout the week during the electronic industry’s biggest time of the year, Miami Music Week. Some of those performances included Ultra Music Festival and a shared set with Adam Beyer at the Wynwood Factory. For the former event, the venue is issuing refunds and free admission before midnight at all other show’s during the week for all ticket holders.

Malaa Apparently Stages Own Arrest at San Diego Nightclub
The masked DJ was apprehended and walked out of the venue

Masked house DJ and producer Malaa, was arrested on-stage during one of his performances at Bassmnt nightclub in San Diego. The arrest was caught on camera by multiple attendees and immediately posted on social media.

However, the viral videos have come into question as fans have speculated that the arrest was staged. One of the police officers seen in the clip seems to be a Hollywood cop-for-hire and has been seen in other viral prank videos.

The arrest seems to be on-brand with the balaclava-wearing DJ, whose identity is unknown. Some of Malaa’s projects have themes revolving around criminality, including the Illicit EP, and Illegal Mixtape.

Malaa recently wrapped up his Illegal Tour. He has been announced to perform at EDC Las Vegas in May.

Dog Blood (Skrillex + Boys Noize) Drop “Turn Off The Lights”
This marks their first release since 2013

Skrillex and Boys Noize’s project, Dog Blood, has officially made its return with their first single “Turn Off The Lights”. The duo debuted their new song during Miami Music Week the night of its release as part of a Brownies & Lemonade party.

The track, which harkens back to the older rave anthems, kicks off with a percussive break and proceeds to pummel the dancefloor with a bass-beat Boys Noize is known for. Skrillex’s signature sounds can be heard throughout as a male voice begs you to “…turn off the lights”.

Dog Blood is set to perform at Ultra Music Festival, taking over the WorldWide stage over the weekend.

Take a listen to “Turn Off The Lights” by Dog Blood (Skrillex + Boys Noize) below:

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Friday 10/11/19

Workout Music

Generik Live @ Creamfields Arc Stage 2019

Shoulders and Calves (1-2 minutes rest between all sets):
1. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3 sets of 8-10 reps)
2. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise (3 sets of 8-10 reps)
3. Dumbbell Upright Row (3 sets of 8-10 reps)
4. Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Fly (3 sets of 8-10 reps)
5. Seated Calf Raise (3 sets of 8-10 reps)

LISS Cardio (20 minutes):
Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer, StairMaster or Recumbent Stationary Bike

*Click on exercise to view video demonstration
*Cardio tip: choose your favorite cardio machine (I like to alternate), and then perform at a pace that is difficult enough to where you are breaking a light sweat (60-70% of your max heart rate), but to where you could still keep a conversation going with someone if you had to.