What Is BPM Fit?

BPM Fit was created with the desire to connect people around the world who share a passion for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and fitness.

BPM Fit is your online resource for all things EDM and fitness related.  This includes daily workouts of the day (WODs), which feature recommended music by your favorite EDM artists, to be played while you power through each workout. The beats per minute (BPM) of our featured hits are hand selected to match the intensity of our custom workouts.

Each day, a new WOD will be posted that includes strength training and cardio. Our WODs come together for a total body workout regimen that will satisfy all your fitness needs. By following the BPM Fit workouts on the daily, not only will you build towards your goal physique aesthetic, but you’ll also build up the necessary strength and endurance to last weekend-long music festivals with plenty of energy to spare for all the fist pumping and shuffling.

The beauty of the WODs are in the programming.  Our team of fitness experts have tailored each and every workout to ensure that you never plateau or stop progressing. Even better, our WODs are meant to be followed indefinitely, for a lifetime. And since we understand that everybody starts at different fitness levels and progresses at different rates, we’ve made it possible to scale the workout difficulty to make them perfect for any and all our fit-focused ravers, whether you are new to the scene or long-time veteran.